BAMSE, SSH library and client for VMS

BAMSE is a project to build a better SSH client for VMS than FISH ever could be. As much as I liked FISH, it lacked the modularity required to add major features that were missing, like port forwarding channels and X forwarding, as well as implementing SSH version 2.

The goals with BAMSE are the following:

[The following drafts may also be interesting:


For cryptography, BAMSE will use a modular library of routines that I'm currently writing, and that I hope become partof OpenSSL version 1.

Announcements go to the following mailing lists and newsgroups:


Previews of BAMSE will be placed in Please look there, and try it out and report whatever faults you've found.

Features added:

The source repository

My CVS repository for BAMSE is Take a look if you really want to see exactly what I've commited in the last few hours or days.

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