FISH is discontinued! It is still supported, but no features will be added to it. A replacement called BAMSE is currently drafted, to be worked on starting at the end of january 2002. Please take a closer look at BAMSE and make it the best SSH client for OpenVMS.

Current version: 0.6-1

FISH is a SSH client for VMS. It features the essential demands of draft-ylonen-ssh-protocol-00.txt. It was thought for a short while that the session key between the server and the client was sent over the network in the clear. Further investigation proved that thought wrong, however.

Authors: Christer Weinigel and Richard Levitte.
Christer did the main work in the beginning, Richard did bug removal and added more ciphers and more.
FISH was essentially a port of Top Gun ssh 1.2, but has evolved quite a lot from it. There will pretty soon be no much similarity left.

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Supported features:


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Where to find the latest version

You can find the latest version on The version info in the files may be confusing, here how it works:

For a version xx.y, the file name will be FISHxxy.ZIP

For a version xx.y-z, the file name will be FISHUzxxyy.ZIP

So, for example, FISH 0.4-5 was FISHU5004.ZIP, FISH 0.6 is FISH006.ZIP

You may also find source-only kits. They have _SRC appended to the mame. For example, the source kit for FISH 0,6 if FISH006_SRC.ZIP.

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