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Mailing lists

There once were the mailing lists, and They are discontinued. Instead, each project I'm currently involved in has it's own set of mailing lists. The general rule is that there is that there may be up to five lists:
Main discussion list. This is probably the list with the highest traffic.
Announcement list, perfect for those who want to track releases and advisories. Very low traffic and read-only.
For small projects, there is no separate announcement list, the main discussion list is used instead.
Developper's list. This is only for development OF the project. Messages that are about development WITH the project should happen on the main list.
For small projects, this list doesn't exist, the main discussion list is used instead.
These two lists fill the same purpose. Change notifications are posted on these lists, On the -diffs list, the notification contains the full diff of the posted change. On the -nodiffs list, only a summary of the change is posted, with instructions on how to get the diffs.
These addresses are really the same. They are in place for anyone to submit bug reports and feature requests. These are not really lists, they are addresses that forward the received message to the request ticket database. The request ticket system will then send an email with the same contents to the development list. This is the address to send patches to! Patches are always welcome!

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