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Current Projects

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These are projects I'm regularly working on today

In my search for something better than CVS, going through OpenCM, arch, subversion and a few others and rejecting them all for different reasons, I stumbled upon monotone, and it was love at first sight. As a matter of fact, I'm moving more and more projects from CVS to monotone.
I started out with porting SSLeay 0.8.1a to OpenVMS. I got involved with OpenSSL fairly soon after it started (Christmas 1997), and contributed my SSLeay patches. Eventually, after contrubing other changes, I got write access to the source repository. Today, I am among the more active developers.

Projects I haven't worked on for a while

While I haven't worked on these projects a while, I still see them as current. Others may disagree...

NetCrypto, NetPKI, NetTLS
The three packages that I'm working on as a solution to OpenSSL's shortcomings. This started in september 2003 and I plan to make a first test release in the autumn 2005.
A small portability library made primarly for NetCrypto, NetPKI and NetTLS, but that should be useful elsewhere as well.
I took over maintainance and development in early 2003, when Claude Lecommandeur found he could not afford the time any more.
KPhotoAlbum On The Web
I have long wanted to present the database built with KPhotoAlbum, and have finally started to. What it's becoming is a php script on the server that serves a lot of information in JSON format, or pure images, depending on the parameters it receives. The intention is to have a HTML+Javascript page talking with it, using jQuery or pure AJAX. The server script will deliver pure images at a desired size as long as you know the exact identity of that image and are permitted to fetch it. It's supposed to be very Web 2.0 ;-)

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