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Old Projects

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There are a bunch of projects I once worked on but haven't touched for years:

Smaller hacks and programs:
This is a Unix tape archive (.tar file) reader/writer for VMS. Someone else is working on newer versions.
An FTP mirroring script. Understands Unix servers as well! This is discontinued. Use wget for OpenVMS instead.
A SSH client for OpenVMS. It hasn't been worked on for years, and honestly, it's quite difficult to do further work on.
This was a quick port of BSD whois.
Larger projects or collections:
The GNU on VMS Project
This was my most grandiose project, with which I produced OpenVMS ports of several GNU programs, amongst others emacs, but also smaller things like m4, autoconf1 and many other programs.
Free VMS
A project to create a free clone of OpenVMS, based on the Mach kernel. Sadly, It never got further than the discussion stage. I think there's another project trying to do this, based on the Linux kernel.

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